Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Studio Catch Up

I always laugh a little when I call my sewing space a studio.  I love how it sounds...all fancy and big and organized and like someone uber-talented works in there.  My studio is actually a little corner of my laundry room.  For some reason when some previous owners finished off part of the basement, they made one part into a fairly large laundry room...not sure why, but I'm glad because it gives me some space to keep all my schtuff.  I feel pretty lucky that I can leave my junk out all the time, especially because I usually make a gigantic mess when I'm sewing and often have to just leave it on short notice because of they mayhem that ensues in the next room (our playroom).  I've taken over most every inch that is not being used by the laundry stuff or storage stuff.  So, is it a studio?  Perhaps not, but it's my very own spot in the house that's not inundated with boy stuff!!

Anyway, I digress...  I've been up to a whole bunch lately so I thought I'd show you a few of the highlights over the last month or so.

49 string blocks for the Mini Scrap Basket Block Swap.  These were really fun and quick blocks to make - and they use a ton of scraps to boot!  My only regret is that I didn't save some of my own blocks...I swapped them all!  But, I can always make some more, right?

Next up are my December blocks for the Love Circle of do. Good StitchesRachel put together an awesome tutorial for these fab herringbone blocks.  I love how they turned out and can't wait to see the whole quilt!  Our circle took the month of January off, so be sure to check back for the awesome block lined up for our February quilt!

This is a little mini that I made for my new super-duper buddy, Whitney.  I missed the deadline for signing up for the ALFALC swap in December so she suggested we swap anyway.  The swap is for fabric and chocolate, but we decided to add in a handmade item as well.  I'd just finished up the blocks above but wasn't ready to be done with the block...so I modified it a little bit and came up with this fun mini quilt.  I personally love it and luckily Whitney does, too!  I'll post what she sent me in the next day or two...she spoiled me!

I joined a flickr group called Quilting for Kids, which is a group that donates quilts to children in foster care.  I made these four blocks for a quilt going to a little boy and I can't wait to make more blocks for this cause!

I made these blocks for my hive of the [3x6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee.  I happen to love how they turned out...isn't it amazing how many different ways you can use HSTs?  One of these days I'll find time to make a block in my colors.  I have too much on my plate right now!

I knocked out these babies for my hive of the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee.  I'm so excited that these turned out OK - I was a bit nervous to send them along since my hive consisted of ElizabethLee, Lindsay,  Lyanna, and Wendy.  Talk about hanging with the cool kids!  And, again, I didn't have a chance to do one in my colors...but it's surely on my to do list because I love how these worked out!

And these cuties are for Michelle, for the Design Camp [think outside the block] Swap.  She sent us these A-MAZING Echino fabrics (the first time I've seen any in person!) an asked us to try an awesome technique dubbed "confetti".  The one on the right is my block using that technique...it was so fun!  Then she (Michelle) said to just have fun with the rest...the left block is what happened.  I love them both and I can't tell you how much I love the fabric.  I do think I'll be splurging on some Echino in the future.

I also managed to make 2 inifinity scarves...one for me and one for my fantastic sister.  I'll have to grab a picture of one - I made it from Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannel and Little Folks voile.

I have lots more in the works...I may have gotten a little sign-up-happy and joined a whole mess of swaps!  Oops!  I'm excited, but I'm getting a bit nervous to make things that my partners will think are super-awesome.  I'm sure it'll work out - and I will keep y'all posted on my progress!

Oh, and I have an actual "real size" quilt in the works, too...it just needs binding and then I'll post about that.  See?  My studio (ha ha ha!) has been a busy little corner of my universe lately!


  1. Wow, you've been super busy! These all look great-- I love the do good stitches block, and that pile of string blocks looks like so much fun, it makes me want to make more of those, too! Oh, and that mini quilt-- I totally want to copy you, it's great!

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  3. Your bee blocks are lovely...a shame you didn't make one of each of them in your own colors...but I'm guilty of the same thing and telling myself sometime I will get them made!