Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Doin' A Little Happy Dance Over Here!

Ages and ages ago I signed up for the Geese In A Ring Swap.  I absolutely love these blocks and really wanted to jump on the bandwagon and try them...and what better way than to combine it with a swap?  I'll get 7 super-duper blocks from my swap pals and I get lots of practice making these cutie blocks.  Ok, so I'm signed up and have until 2/14/2012 to get them done.  Great.  No problem.  Plenty of time.

Fast forward three months and I realize I'm now PANICKING about getting these blocks done on time.  I think I put them off because I was scared...nervous about paper-piecing (I managed a few paper pieced blocks with the Summer Sampler Series, but that's it), intimidated by how complicated they seem, freaking out about how long each block will take.  Yikes!  Procrastinate some more?  Yes!

Then I got off my tush, pulled on my big-girl pants and gave one a try.  It was FAB!  I'm not going to lie and say I didn't need my seam ripper (several times) or claim that I placed all of my pieces just so and facing the right way on the first sir-ee-Bob.  But, BUT, every time one of those pretty little perfect geese showed up it was so worth it.  I love it.

One down, 6 to go.  Better get moving!

Also, I wanted to let everyone know about a new bee that's starting up on Flickr.  As you know, charity quilting is one of my passions - this new bee is called Quilts For Cancer.  It's set up like a traditional stash bee (when it's your month you choose the block/colors and everyone makes blocks from their stash) - but after you get your blocks and make your quilt, you donate it to someone with cancer or to a cancer-related organization.  Fab, right?  I thought so!  So run over as fast as you can and sign up.  I know we've all signed up for a lot and have lots of things on our plates other than sewing.  But, if you're up for quilting for a great cause, come and join us!

That's it from my corner of the sewing world today.  I didn't sew a stitch yesterday because I took my adorable three year old to the children's museum while the big boys were at school. 

We had a blast and it was so cool to do something fun with just him.  Third kids, you know, sometimes get the short end of the stick!

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