Thursday, December 1, 2011

Swappy Goodness

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was working on three secret projects.  I felt very important to be working on things I couldn't show I was so sneaky!  I've since finished all three projects - and I can share two of them with you right now.  Don't you feel lucky?

I'm smitten with flickr swaps and bees these days.  They're just so fun!  I've met a lot of great people who also love sewing and quilting.  Then we make things for each other.  How great is that?

First I made a mini quilt for the Christmas edition of the Little Quilt Swap.  If you remember my other mini (how could you forget...I only posted about it like a zillion times!), the new mini I made is part of the same swap.  It's such a fun swap.  We have quilters from all over the world making mini quilts in all different styles.  No one knows who made what.  Then we vote on them, send out our quilt to a secret recipient, and get a surprise quilt in the mail.  Um, can you say F.U.N?

Here's the one I made:

Do you like it?  I used some of my favorite Christmas fabrics and I personally love it.  I was inspired by a tutorial from Elizabeth of Don't Call Me Betsy.  She did a block for the 12 Days Of Christmas Sampler QAL.  I took her idea and kind of ran with it.  I'll be sending this out to its new home today...hope they like it!

The second project I was working on is for the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap.  This one was a little challenging for me.  I'd never made a mug rug before.  And, this was my first time making a whole project for a partner (instead of just a block or two).  I was so nervous about getting it right.  I stalked my partner for a bit and then came up with this:

It's probably a little big for a mug rug (8x10, I think?), but I'm really happy with how it turned out.  More importantly, my partner seems to like it, too!!

And, well, mum's the word on the third project.  All will be revealed in good time!


  1. Deb, You're like a little elf aren't you? Such holiday spirit, I'm impressed. The mini quilt is fabulous and I personally like a larger sized mug rug. If your partner is anything like me, I don't just eat a little bit of snacks so that extra room comes in handy.

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