Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let's Just Beat This Poor Dead Horse

How about another post about my mini?  Sick of it yet?  I chatted about it here and here.  I'm just going to go ahead and mention it one.more.time.  Then we'll officially put it to bed (unless there's a reason not to!).

Rachel over at Stitched in Color has been hosting the fabulous Celebrate Color series on her blog all fall long.  She and her pals Emma, Mollie, and Shannon have put together a huge party to inspire us to use color in our lives...and they're even giving away tons of fabulous prizes!  All you have to do is make something (the categories are home decor, wearables, yarn, and needlepoint) and enter it - you know you wanna!  You can find all of the nitty gritty here.  And you can enter here (click on the appropriate Photo Entry Pool).

Celebrate Color

I'm going to go ahead and enter my Autumn Ribbons mini...like it?

Now the competition is very tough, but I'm giving it a whirl because it sounds like great fun.  It's the last month of Celebrate Color, so enter while you still have time! (entries are accepted until the 26th).  So go out there and make something!


  1. This is just gorgeous. I hope you win!

  2. This is beautiful Deb - love the zig zags and the fabrics!!!