Thursday, February 16, 2012

S to the U to the P-E-R!

I am one lucky gal.  Let me just start by saying that.  I've got a long list as to why, but let's just say that in the bloggy-online-quilty world, I've hit the jackpot!  I've been terrible about posting all of the lovely goodies that have shown up at my door.  Part of it is laziness...I'm just kind of that way.  I think it's mostly because I'm a terrible photographer and I feel bad posting so-so pictures of the amazing things that have come my way.  Don't worry, I have personally thanked everyone who has sent me things...I may be lazy but I do try not to be rude!  Now it's time to brag on these ladies!

So, without further ado (because, really, I got these first couple of things in December/early Jan):

My new, but very good friend Whitney sent me this pincushion (look at all of those pins...I use this thing all.the.time) and mini quilt as part of a swap we set up in December.  She felt bad that I missed the cutoff for the ALFALC swap so she said "hey, let's swap anyway...and let's make something for each other, too!"  You know me...I'm all about the swap.  So, I made her my "Gettin' Ziggy With It" mini and she goes and outdoes herself and gifts me with not one but TWO amazing handmade goodies.  The mini Dresden on the pincushion is to die for.  She told me how she did it but I can't seem to get my head around it.  When I have time I'm going to play around and figure out how to do one.  And, the mini quilt?!  It's perfection!  I love Denyse Schmidt so this is right on.  Is Whit good or what?  Along with these there were also a few fat quarters, some pins, ric rac, and chocolate.  Doesn't get better.  Oh, but it does!  Keep reading...

Then she goes and sends me this

Isn't she the best?  LOVE her.  I've been eyeing Pezzy Prints but had held off buying them since I had no immediate plans.  I've been flipping through the charm pack just admiring all of the yumm-o colors.  And, isn't the mug rug fabbity-FAB?  Yes, it is!  Don't be offended for me.  In one of our first conversations I referred to myself as a dork...because, quite frankly, I am.  She thought that was hilarious because she often calls herself a dork, too.  I don't think there are too many grown women that use that term to describe themselves (at least not to people they've never met!).  So, the dork mug rug was born and it's awesome...especially since it is made with Domestic Bliss...another favorite linen of mine at the moment.  See?  Thoughtful and wondeful...she rocks!

And, last, but far far FAR from least (I'm only posting these in the order I received them...nothing more)...

These are the pot holders I received for the Potholder Pass from the wicked-talented Caroline of Trillium Design.  She nailed it!  Scrappy, happy, and bright - just how I like 'em.  And stars!  I love stars.  I'd been hoping these were mine, so when I tore open the package and saw these in there I was super-excited...giddy like a little kid, I tell ya!  And look at those cutie little Japanese erasers...darling!

Oh, and the bonus?

Lookie there...a pocket on the back...brilliant!  I'm torn, though.  These were made to be used, so I'd feel kind of guilty if I don't use them for their intended purpose.  BUT, they're so gorgeous I don't know that I can bring myself to use them for cooking.  What if something gets on them?  I may have to hang them up least for a while.  They're so pretty!

Ok, so there's a peek at a few things I've gotten recently.  I haven't posted the bee blocks I've gotten in the last couple of months, but I'll get to that one of these days.

I have been busy in the studio (hee hee), cranking out bee blocks, swap projects, and brainstorming stuff.  I have lots in the works that I plan to share ASAP.


  1. So fun! Love swaps when I can manage them all. :)

  2. Such awesome swap swag! I saw those potholders on Flickr and loved them. So fun that you got them. And the dork mug rug is hilarious.
    Found you on Pinterest- so glad I did!

  3. OK, I've known Caroline forever and she's super made of awesome, BUT BUT BUT...that "dork" mug rug is freaking AWESOME!!!! I call myself a dork on a pretty consistent basis so I saw it and went "OMG that is SO fabulous!". You ARE a lucky lucky girl!